2020-2021 Student Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2020-2021 Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Theatre Arts, A.S.

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Program Requirements

Typical Program

Degree/Certificate:    Associate in Science
HEGIS Code:            5610
SUNY Code:             0695
Major Code:            THEA

The Career

NCCC has a long tradition of theatre excellence. The Theatre Arts curriculum prepares students for transfer to baccalaureate programs in performance and technical theatre. The program offers students the opportunity to develop their potential through a combination of challenging coursework and practical theatrical training in a liberal arts environment.

Graduates have transferred to four-year institutions including:

  • California Institute of the Arts
  • Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
  • Clarion University of Pennsylvania
  • Full Sail University
  • Kent State
  • Niagara University
  • North Carolina School of the Arts
  • Ohio University
  • SUNY at Binghamton
  • SUNY at Buffalo
  • SUNY College at Buffalo, Brockport, Fredonia, Oswego and Plattsburg
  • Syracuse University
  • University of California at Fullerton

Graduates are currently engaged in professional theatre careers including:

  • Actor
  • Choreographer
  • Director
  • Executive Producer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Production Company CEO
  • Pyrotechnical Designer
  • Scenic Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Stage Manager
  • Stunt Person
  • Theatre Administrator
  • Theatre Educator

The NCCC Approach

Performing and design/tech opportunities are plentiful at NCCC. The program is large enough to do major productions, yet small enough to allow for individual classroom attention.

Full-time and adjunct faculty bring a diversity to the classroom and the rehearsal. The Theatre Arts faculty are comprised of professional performers and technicians, currently working in their discipline. They act, direct, stage manage, choreograph, design and create laser and pyrotechnical displays at such respected venues as Shakespeare in Delaware Park, The Kavinoky Theatre, Irish Classical Theatre Company, Road Less Traveled Productions, Theatre of Youth, Theatre for Change and Darien Lake Theme Park.

The NCCC campus is home to a recently refurbished proscenium stage in a 700-seat theatre with state-of-the-art, fully computerized lighting and sound equipment. There are also digital audio recording lab facilities, an intimate lab theatre and a fully equipped scene shop.


Students admitted in fall, spring and summer.

Because of the sequencing of courses, it may take more than four semesters of full-time study if a student begins this program in a spring or summer semester.

Dual Admissions

Buffalo State College
Niagara University
SUNY College at Brockport

Articulation Agreements

Buffalo State College
Niagara University
SUNY at Buffalo
SUNY College at Brockport
SUNY College Empire State

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To prepare students for successful transfer to upper-level institutions in theatre arts
  • To assist students in meeting a minimum of seven of the ten SUNY General Education requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

Student will:

  • Discuss major theatrical movements and practitioners from the Ancient Greeks through the Baroque periods of western history
  • Discuss job descriptions and career options within the theatre industry
  • Participate in facilitation of at least one element of theatrical design for departmental production
  • Perform monologues and scene work
  • Discuss and implement acting techniques and styles
  • Analyze their vocal production and develop plans for improvement
  • Describe management techniques and systems required to mount theatrical production

Program Requirements (THEA)

  1. A total of at least 62-credit hours with a minimum curriculum grade-point average of 2.0. Academic Foundations courses do not count toward the degree.
  2. Theatre Arts: A minimum of 35-credit hours to include:
    THA 102 - Theatre Arts Success Seminar 
    THA 105 - Acting I 
    THA 106 - Acting II 
    THA 107 - Technical Production I 
    THA 107L - Technical Production I Lab  
    THA 108 - Technical Production II 
    THA 108L - Technical Production II Lab  
    THA 113 - History of the Theatre *
    THA 117 - An Introduction to Theatre 
    THA 126 - Stage Management 
    THA 200 - Theatre Arts Capstone Course 
    THA 208 - Script Analysis 
  3. Theatre Electives: A minimum of 3-credit hours selected from the following:
    THA 134 - Voice and Diction 
    THA 170 - Introduction to Stage Lighting  
  4. Basic Communications - Written: A minimum of 6-credit hours to include:
    ENG 101 - Writing I *
    ENG 102 - Writing II & Introduction to Literature  
  5. Humanities General Education:  A minimum of 3-credit hours to include:
    LIT ___      Humanities  General Education with LIT prefix
  6. Mathematics General Education:  A minimum of 3-credit hours:
    Mathematics  - General Education-approved elective
  7. General Education: A minimum of 6-credit hours to be selected from two different categories below:
    American History  - General Education-approved elective
    Other World Civilization  - General Education-approved elective
    Social Science  - General Education-approved elective
  8. Liberal Arts  Electives: A minimum of 3-credit hours
  9. Health/Physical Education: A minimum of 2-credit hours
  10. Free Electives: A minimum of 1-credit hour


Typical Program

Total Credit Hours: 15

Second Semester

Total Credit Hours: 16

Third Semester

Total Credit Hours: 16

Fourth Semester

Total Credit Hours: 15


* Dependent upon fulfillment of Academic Foundations requirements.

** It is the expectation of the Department that all majors participate in one drama production each semester. This may result in total credits above the 62-credit hour minimum.

*** Any combination of HED, PED or DAN courses may be taken to fulfill the 2-credit hours required.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are several scholarships available to NCCC students.  Scholarship deadline dates vary each semester.  For more information, please visit the scholarship webpage at www.niagaracc.suny.edu/scholarships. The NCCC Scholarship Office is located within the Financial Aid Complex, A-114 or by phone (716) 614-6205.