2017-2018 Student Catalog 
    May 23, 2024  
2017-2018 Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Workforce Development

NCCC provides lifelong learning opportunities for everyone. Learn how these opportunities can benefit you.

 Workforce Development 

NCCC’s Workforce Development’s accelerated workforce training, in-demand skills certification programs, and customized training solutions offer convenient options to meet your needs. Our continuing professional education services bring together an extensive curriculum of technology, business, and professional development courses. We can integrate and customize these resources to best fit your needs. Training is our core business and our staff, instructors and trainers are ready to assist in developing and implementing a training plan that supports your individual needs or business model and helps achieve your learning goals!  

Continuing Education


Community Education

Advance Manufacturing

  • AutoCAD 2017 Basics
  • Solidworks


  • Introduction to Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drone Operator Training)

Allied Health Services

  • Dialysis Technician
  • Infection Control Online
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Billing Certification Prep
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Sterile Processing Technician

Emergency Medical Services

  • Emergency Medical Technician Original
  • Advanced EMT Original
  • Advanced EMT Paramedic Recertification
  • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
  • Refresher Courses for All Levels

Film Tech Training

  • Production Assistant
  • Grip
  • Second AC (Assistant Camera)
  • DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)

Security Guard

  • 8 Hour Pre-Assignment
  • 16 Hour On-the-Job Training
  • 8 Hours Annual In-Service


  • S.A.V.E.
  • Child Abuse Identification & Reporting



Computer Training

  • Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word

Driver Training

  • Driver Education
  • Insurance and Point Reduction
  • Driver Improvement (Traffic School)
  • Motorcycle Rider Course

Introduction to Public Speaking

Stress Management (Mindfulness Training)

Supervisory Leadership

Theatre Production Experience

Zumba Fitness














Corporate Training

At NCCC’s Corporate Training Department, our primary mission is to provide high quality, training to your entire workforce. We will work with you to custom design any course that will help your employees to become more productive and your business more competitive.

New Employee/Pre-Employment Training

New employee training is designed to prepare recently hired employees to enter your workplace armed with the skills they will need to be productive on day one. Pre-employment programs can create talent pools of potential employees that are highly motivated and performance focused.  Both programs will result in fewer turn overs and a faster ROI on your training investment.

Engage Talent and Refocus Resources

Your company’s success depends on motivated and committed employees that play a real part in helping your business meet its goals. Investment in your human resources is a key strategic step to achieving your organization’s objectives. Our training and development programs will help you attract and retain the very best people and help you avoid employee obsolescence and stagnation.

 Mandatory and Industry Required Training

Your business may require training as a matter of policy or be required by state or federal government to provide specific training.  NCCC has a long, successful history in helping companies maintain regulatory compliance. Whether your team needs violence in the workplace training or OSHA training, NCCC can help.

  • Accident Investigation
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Communication
  • Computer Classes
  • Confined Spaces
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Electric Safety and Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Safety
  • ESWP
  • Electronics and Semiconductors
  • Emergency Response/Hazwoper Refresher
  • Hazard Communication
  • Hearing Conservation & Protection
  • Incident Command
  • Interview Techniques
  • IPC 610 Soldering
  • Leadership
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Managing Change
  • NFPA 70 E
  • OSHA 30, GI
  • OSHA 10, GI
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Problem Solving
  • RCRA/DOT Training
  • Respiratory Protection//PPE
  • Semiconductor Materials and Devices
  • ServSafe
  • Sexual Harassment
  • SolidWorks
  • Stress Management
  • Supervisory Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • TIPS
  • Violence in the Workplace

Driving Safety Program

NCCC Department of Community Education offers several driving safety courses. They are Defensive Driving, Driving Improvement, Driver Education, and Motorcycle Safety training course.

The three (3) hour Driving Improvement Program is for area traffic court defendants who have been referred by the local judiciary for a safe driving course. Admittance into the program is arranged with local traffic courts and the college administrator. This course is under the auspices of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

The six (6) hour Defensive Driving course is an insurance and point reduction program that includes safe driving education. This course is cosponsored by the National Safety Council and is approved by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Driver Education course is designed for individuals 16 years of age and older. Students under 18 who successfully complete the program will receive the New York State MV-285 (Blue Card) and may qualify for an insurance reduction credit.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles approved Motorcycle Training Safety course or Basic Rider Course is designed for beginning riders. Exercises in a controlled environment provide a complete introduction to motorcycling. Motorcycles and helmets are provided for your use during the course. The pre-requisite for this course is a motorcycle learner’s permit.

Course offerings and class schedules vary from semester to semester, so those interested in coursework should contact Workforce Development at (716) 614-6292 or visit our website at http://www.niagaracc.suny.edu/wd/?section=wd for an updated schedule.

Pre-Collegiate Program

The mission of NCCC’s Pre-Collegiate Program (previously known as Learning Pathways) is to offer college readiness and to prepare our community members for college and/or the achievement of stackable credentials. The Pre-Collegiate program is designed to bridge the gap between the non-credit remedial AND credit bearing and workforce training programs.  

Pre-Collegiate courses are designed to increase the student’s likelihood of success by remedying deficiencies in English, reading and mathematics. The credentials gained in these performance-based programs are the gateway to a better future, better education, better job, better life and a great sense of accomplishment for our participants.

NCCC’s Pre-Collegiate Program is consistent with SUNY’s Non-Credit Remedial Program guidelines.  Each course follows the NCCC Repeat Policy and Attendance Policy. Also noteworthy is the NCCC partnership with Orleans/Niagara BOCES. This partnership allows for pre-collegiate and high school equivalency (TASC) courses to be offered throughout Niagara County.

Our program offers pre and post testing, an informal classroom setting, instruction in all subject areas covered by the TASC and Accuplacer exams, practice tests, basic skills review, some career readiness, contextualized learning and case management.  Attendance is taken daily and our policy is documented. Where applicable, students must be in good standing, in terms of attendance through (at minimum) the census date.

 Students interested in Pre-Collegiate courses are those who:

  • Are returning to college after a break in education
  • Have had a negative experience with high school or previous college attendance
  • Failed one or more of the college entrance tests in mathematics, writing, and reading
  • Failed one or more college foundations courses in mathematics, writing, and reading
  • Want to improve their English language skills in reading, writing, and/or conversation
  • Lack basic computer skills necessary for college success

 Learning opportunities include:

  • Preparation for taking the high school equivalency examination, TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) test, replaces GED
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Academic Success Skills (personal management skills - time, task, and stress)

Non Credit Remedial courses for the 2016-2017 academic year are listed below:


HSE 001 Pre-High School Equivalency Test Preparation
150 contact hours
Course Description:  This course prepares students with the basic skills needed to qualify for the HSE course. Twenty-first century skill instruction develops critical thinking, basic academic skills, media literacy, and life skills. Instruction is focused around Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and Evidence-Based Reading.  Instruction incorporates contextualized instruction tied to workplace and real-world tasks to make learning relevant for students.  Common Core Basics is the first step toward achieving test success and college and career readiness.

HSE 002 High School Equivalency Preparation
300 contact hours
Course Description:   In this course, students will receive individualized instruction in the content areas necessary to prepare for the TASC exam.  The TASC exam assesses five subject areas including Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. It measures examinees’ levels of achievement and readiness for college and the workforce as outlined by the Common Core State Standards. The TASC, or Test Assessing Secondary Completion, is designed to measure the major and lasting outcomes (skills and concepts) generally associated with four years of regular high school instruction.

ASK 010 The Basics for Vocational Preparation and Education
40 hours
Course Description:  This course provides individuals and group interventions for adults who possess basic skills deficiencies and exhibit under-developed career and life skills. NCCC provides the academic basic literacy review (reading, writing and oral communication skills), basic computer literacy review and educational and employment success techniques.

ASK 001 Academic Skills for Success-Reading
15 contact hours
Catalog Course Description: This is a transition, brush-up course designed to improve reading, study and critical thinking skills required for academic success.   The categories of study reflect what is required on the Accuplacer placement test. The student will get a lot of one-on-one help in the form of tutoring, study skills techniques, and test taking strategies.  

ASK 002 Academic Skills for Success-Writing
15 contact hours
Course Description: This is a transition, brush-up course designed to improve one’s writing skills required for academic success.   The categories of study reflect what is required on the Accuplacer placement test. The student will receive one-on-one help in the form of tutoring, study-skills techniques, and test-taking strategies.  

ASK 003 Academic Skills for Success-Math
15 contact hours
Course Description: This is a transition, brush-up course providing an overview of arithmetic skills and preparing students for elementary algebra.   The categories of study reflect what is required on the Accuplacer placement test. The student will get a lot of one-on-one help in the form of tutoring, study skills techniques, and test taking strategies.  

ASK 004 Academic Skills for Success-Algebra
15 contact hours
Course Description: This is a transition, brush-up course providing an overview of basic algebraic skills required for credit-bearing mathematics courses.   The categories of study reflect what is required on the Accuplacer placement test. The student will get a lot of one-on-one help in the form of tutoring, study skills techniques, and test taking strategies.  

ASK 005 Academic Skills for Success-College Success & Education Support Workshop
2.5 contact hours
Course Description: These workshops will prepare students for success during their college experience. Skill-building will occur in the following areas:  creative problem-solving, effective communication, critical thinking, time management, prioritizing responsibilities, classroom “etiquette” and handling conflicts with fellow students, peers and/or colleagues.

PC 001 Pre-Collegiate Reading/Writing
72 contact hours
Course Description:  This course is for adult learners seeking developmental English skills in reading and writing.  The adult learner is provided with general study concepts and patterns to promote future educational experiences.  Students will enhance their reading and composition skills. Instruction focused on vocabulary development and improvement of reading comprehension-moving from complicated sentences, to sophisticated paragraphs and passages of significant length.  Students will organize, draft and revise essays. Particular attention will be paid to developing and supporting a thesis statement, effective dictation, sentence structure and paragraph development, and editing skills, including correct usage, punctuation and use of the computer.  The course is designed to prepare students for college placement exams and entrance into ENG 101.

PC 002 Pre-Collegiate Math
72 contact hours
Course Description: This course is designed to assist students with developmental math to give them the skills necessary to enter into college-level classes. This course provides adult learners with general study concepts and patterns to promote success in future educational experiences.

 Niagara Falls Trott Access Center

The Niagara Falls Extension Site is located at the Trott Access Center at 1001 Eleventh Street and Ashland Avenue in the heart of Niagara Falls. Through the successful collaboration of Niagara County’s various community partners located in the Trott Access Center, adults and youth are provided a myriad of educational, career and supportive services. If you have questions, please contact (716) 278-8151.