2013 - 2014 Student Catalog 
    Nov 29, 2022  
2013 - 2014 Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MAS 103 - Eastern Massage Therapy: Theory & Practice

6 Cr.

Combining lecture, demonstration, practical application and discussion, this course is designed to give the student a solid foundation in the theory and practice of Shiatsu, a Japanese healing art based on the Oriental theory of Acupuncture (without the use of needles). This modality explores the principles of Yin-Yang, a theory based on the philosophical concept of polar complements and their relationships involving transformation, control and exchange. Study will also include the Five Phases Theory, an empirical view of phenomena in terms of five essential processes, represented by the emblems Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Students will learn to look for the underlying causes of disease from an Oriental medical perspective, employing knowledge of the Fundamental Substances, the Eight Principle Patterns of Disharmony, and Four Examinations. Through hands-on instruction, students will learn to locate and identify the 14 primary meridians and the acu-points along these meridians. Students will gain basic understanding of fundamental Shiatsu techniques through lecture-demonstration and interactive lab practice. Specific knowledge of indications and contraindications for the use of Shiatsu will also be addressed. (Usually offered Spring semester.)
Pre-Requisites: MAS 101, MAS 102, BIO 213.
Pre-Requisites that may be met concurrently: MAS 104 and BIO 214.

Co-Requisites: MAS 103L

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