2017-2018 Student Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2017-2018 Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business: Business Administration, A.A.S.

Contact Information

Program Requirements

Typical Program

Degree/Certificate:    Associate in Applied Science
HEGIS Code:            5004
SUNY Code:             0632
Major Code:             BADM

The Career

Our homes, food, clothing, vehicles and leisure activities are the products of the skill, dedication and creativity of business professionals. Business people must be “world-class competitors” in order to maintain or improve the American standard of living. Graduates may pursue business careers in marketing, human resource management, labor relations, production management, office administration, finance, insurance, etc. Graduates may also work in hospitals, government agencies or schools.

The NCCC Approach

The associate in applied science program is for students who:

  • Are unsure of their educational and/or career goals
  • Want sufficient coursework to qualify for entry-level professional/managerial positions
  • Are working and want to improve their opportunities for advancement
  • Have a limited background in mathematics
  • Are developing a background in mathematics prior to changing curriculum to the AS degree program

This degree program offers transfer opportunities upon completion of all course work. Many graduates have transferred to Niagara University, Buffalo State College and similar schools.


Students admitted in fall, spring and summer.

Business Administration is offered as a full-time or part-time day program or part-time evening program. Because of the sequencing of courses, it may take longer than eight semesters to complete the part-time evening program or four semesters to complete the full-time day program if a student begins in a spring semester.

Dual Admission

Niagara University
SUNY College at Buffalo
SUNY College/Empire State

Articulation Agreements

Canisius College
Clarkson College
Hilbert College
Niagara University
SUNY College at Buffalo
SUNY College/Empire State
SUNY College at Fredonia
SUNY College at Oneonta

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level careers in business-related positions

Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this program, students will:

  • Communicate with others effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental managerial, organizational, marketing and human resource principles and structures, business communication principles and techniques
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of major social, economic and technological trends on organizations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental concepts of accounting and business law

Program Requirements (BADM)

  1. A total of at least 62-credit hours with a minimum curriculum grade-point average of 2.0. Academic Foundations courses do not count toward the degree.
  2. Business: A minimum of 30-credit hours to include:
    ___  ___    Business  elective through advisement
    ___  ___    Business  elective through advisement
  3. Computer Technology: A minimum of 3-credit hours to include:
  4. Health or Physical Education: A minimum of 2-credit hours.
  5. Humanities/Arts & Media: A minimum of 9-credit hours to include:
  6. Mathematics or Science: A minimum of 6-credit hours to include:
      or a higher level mathematics course selected through advisement.*
    ___  ___   Mathematics* or Natural Science* elective  
  7. Social Sciences: A minimum of 12-credit hours to include:
    ___  ___    Social Sciences  elective
    ___  ___    Social Sciences  elective


Typical Program

First Semester

Total Credit Hours: 15

Total Credit Hours: 15

Third Semester

Total Credit Hours: 16

Fourth Semester

Total Credit Hours: 16


* Dependent upon the fulfillment of Academic Foundations requirements.

** Students must take either CIS 100 or each of the following modules: CIS 105, CIS 111 and CIS 115.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are several scholarships available to NCCC students.  Scholarship deadline dates vary each semester.  For more information, please visit the scholarship webpage at www.niagaracc.suny.edu/scholarships . The NCCC Scholarship Office is located within the Financial Aid Complex, A-114 or by phone (716) 614-6205.