2019 - 2020 Student Catalog 
    Jun 01, 2023  
2019 - 2020 Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PTA 116 - Introduction to the PT Profession

3 Cr.
Contact Hours Per Week: 3 Lec.

This course provides the student with an orientation to the NCCC’s PTA program’s academic and clinical policies, and an introduction to the field of physical therapy.  Topics include a historical perspective of the field of physical therapy, legal practice standards, professional and ethical behavior, the role of the PTA as part of the health care team, and an orientation to the psychological and social needs of patients and their families. Techniques for effective interaction and intervention between the physical therapist assistant and stakeholders will be emphasized.  Students will be instructed in HIPAA and the rights, dignity and individuality of the patients they encounter.  The role and significance of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Guide 3.0 to Physical Therapy Practice will be examined. Students will learn through participation in community service and/or professional organization activities. The student is also introduced to medical terminology and medical abbreviations in preparation for documentation. 
Restricted to PTA Students
Usually offered Fall semester
Concurrent Requirement: Pre-requisite that may be met concurrently: BIO 213, BIO 213L
Co-Requisites: PTA 110, PTA 111L, PTA 112L

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