2011-12 Student Catalog 
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2011-12 Student Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Education Studies, AS

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The Career

This two-year program is designed to give students the knowledge, skills and experiences that will prepare them for transfer to a baccalaureate program for fields such as teacher preparation, athletic training, coaching and exercise science. In addition, through the context of the Health and Physical Education Division, we offer a three-credit hour Personal Trainer course with the possibility of certification through the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF).

The NCCC Approach

Performance course work includes classes in aquatics, dance, goal sports, net and wall sports, outdoor activities, personal performance activities, target sports, striking and fielding sports. Knowledge and skill acquisition stressing theory and practice to develop competencies and proficiencies will be stressed. The life science component of either anatomy and physiology or human biology prepares students for baccalaureate-level required sciences. In addition, students will complete requirements in the humanities, arts & media, social sciences, mathematics and computer technology, providing a general education component to prepare them for life experiences in a changing society. Through the advisement process faculty will work individually with students to assist in course selection based upon transfer interest.


Students admitted in September and January.

Because of the sequencing of courses, it may take more than four semesters of full-time study if a student begins this program in a spring semester.

Dual Admissions & Articulation Agreements

Canisius College (Dual admissions)
Sage College of Albany (Articulation only)
SUNY College at Brockport (Articulation only)
SUNY College at Cortland (Articulation only)

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Prepare students for transfer into a teacher preparation program at a four-year institution.
  • Facilitate the completion of 10 of 10 General Education Requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, students will:

  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained by successful completion of physical education activity coursework.
  • Complete the SAVE workshop.
  • Complete the Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting seminar and recognize and report signs of abuse.
  • Incorporate the New York State Teaching Standards into daily lesson plans.
  • Complete a satisfactory teaching portfolio.
  • Complete 30 hours of physical education field placement hours required by the State Education Department.

Minimum Degree Requirements (PED)

  1. A total of at least 62 credit hours with a minimum curriculum grade-point average of 2.0. Academic Foundation courses do not count toward the degree.
  2. Biology/Kinesiology/Health and Physical Education: A minimum of 32 credit hours to include:
    1. BIO 117 - Human Biology  AND
    2. HPE 225 - Kinesiology/Exercise & Sport 


    3. BIO 213 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I  AND
    4. HPE 225 - Kinesiology/Exercise & Sport 


    5. BIO 213 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I  AND
    6. BIO 214 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II 

      the following with one of the three options above:
    7. HED 201 - Healthful Living 
    8. HPE 136 - Foundations of Physical Education 
    9. HPE 212 - Motor Behavior 
    10. HPE 213L - Motor Behavior Lab 
    11. HED/HPE/PED electives
  3. Humanities and Arts: A minimum of 12 credit hours to include:
    1. ENG 101 - Writing I *
    2. ENG 102 - Writing II & Introduction to Literature 
    3. Arts elective to be chosen to meet the Arts (AR) General Education Requirement
    4. Language or Speech elective by advisement
  4. Liberal Arts Elective: A minimum of 6 credit hours to be chosen to meet two of the following General Education Requirements:
    1. Humanities (H) AND if not already met, one of the following:
    2. American History (AW), Language (FL), Other World Civilization (OW) or Western Civilization (WC)
  5. Mathematics/Physical Science: A minimum of 6 credit hours selected through advisement.*
    1. CIS 100 - Introduction to Computer Applications 
    2. MAT 164 - Introduction to Statistics 
  6. Social Science: A minimum of 6 credit hours to include:
    1. PSY 110 - Introduction to Psychology 
    2. Social Science elective to be chosen to meet one of the following unmet General Education Requirements: American History (AH), Other World Civilization (OW) or Western Civilization (WC)

Typical Program

Total Credit Hours: 15

Total Credit Hours: 15/18

Third Semester

Total Credit Hours: 16/17

Fourth Semester

Total Credit Hours: 16/18


 * Dependent upon the fulfillment of Academic Foundations requirements.

 ** Brockport—Select 2 of the following performance courses: PED 178-Softball, PED 164-Beginning Karate, (PED 195-Power Volleyball or PED 168-Racquetball), (PED 126-Archery or PED 140-Golf).

**/*** Canisius—PED 235-Adventure Education II, PED 142-Physical Fitness, HED 207-Community Health ***(additional 3 hours listed prepares students for transfer into dual Physical Education/Health B.S.).

Cortland—PED 142-Physical Fitness, PED 164-Beginning Karate, SPE 102-Public Speaking

+ SPE 101, Speech Communication—Brockport
   PHI 169, Philosophy of Religion—Canisius
SPE 102, Public Speaking—Cortland


Housed within the Health & Physical Education complex, is a new state of-the-art Health Education Center (HEC). A 2,500 square foot fitness center includes the latest Cybex equipment and a number of the most popular cardiovascular machines currently on the market. In addition, NCCC Athletics facility houses an Olympic-sized pool, two gymnasiums, dance studio, racquetball and squash courts.

The NCCC Athletics & Intramural/Recreation Department is comprised of 11 athletic teams and numerous intramural and recreation programs and events. Our technology, aimed at the professional development of our students, is exemplary. To enhance our Physical Education Studies program and provide students with the most up-to-date technology including wireless computers, heart rate monitors, Tri-Fit technology and Dartfish technology, all to be used in various classes offered through the Health and Physical Education Division.

The required Personal Trainer Certification course provides in-depth, hands-on training that can lead to a national certification as a personal trainer. A low- and high-ropes course is on site and is adjacent to the Health & Physical Education complex. If interested, students can take credit courses to further experience the Adventure Education component of the degree program.

Scholarship Opportunities

All matriculated students in this curriculum are eligible for scholarships. See scholarship  area of this catalog for specific information and criteria, including the following:

Dolce-Valvo Scholarship