2024-2025 Student Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2024-2025 Student Catalog

Online Learning @ NCCC

Online Learning @ SUNY Niagara offers flexible learning options including complete online degree and certificate programs and online courses where instruction takes place online.   We offer a variety of flexible instructional methods to align with how students live, work, and learn today. The aim of these delivery modes is to provide students with the maximum amount of choice possible within a formal learning program.  Face-to-Face Enhanced, Online, Hybrid, Blended, and HyFlex courses give you the opportunity to gain knowledge using current technology with flexible scheduling and learning environments. Learn more about each of these flexible instructional methods offered by SUNY Niagara. Visit the Online Learning Webpage along with a section of FAQ’s to help you get started.  (Note: not every course is offered each semester).

Online/Blended Degree Programs:

  • Accounting (AS)
  • Business Administration (AS)
  • Business Administration (AAS)
  • Computer Information Systems (AS)
  • English (AA)
  • Health Studies (AS)*
  • Human Services (AA)*
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (AA)
  • Psychology (AS)
  • Sport Management (AS)

Online Certificate Programs:

  • Business Management Certificate with Degree Option
  • Chemical Dependency Counseling Certificate
  • Direct Support Professional Certificate

*For those programs noted above with an asterisk, there is one required course not currently offered online at SUNY Niagara, you can either come to campus to complete it or utilize SUNY cross-registration. You can locate courses on the SUNY Online Navigator but we highly recommend you plan this with your academic advisor early in your program to meet our transfer equivalency.

Online Learning at SUNY Niagara

In 100% online courses, you can attend class from anywhere and you have access to your online course(s) 24/7. You will be expected to log into your courses at least three times per week and will have definite timelines and due dates.  You are required to have access to a broadband connection and a desktop or laptop computer/MAC, using a tablet or other mobile device may not have the functionality required for the course. Some courses, however, require that you take on-campus or proctored exams.  All course requirements are provided within each course in Brightspace.

Are You a Good Candidate for Online Learning?

Successful candidates for these courses have special qualities: they are self-motivated, self-disciplined, independent learners who are good time managers and able to meet deadlines. They are willing to try something new and learn in a non-structured environment. Successful students are comfortable with basic computing technical skills.

Online learners have special qualities and computing skills. If you are new to learning in any of these instructional modes or new to using Brightspace, we recommend you complete the Building Our Students’ Success located in Brightspace.  Every registered student is auto-enrolled in this free optional course.  Building Our Students’ Success encompasses five different courses to help you become comfortable with the Brightspace environment and navigation, build basic computer skills, study strategies, time management, note-taking, reading, and communication skills.  BOSS is self-driven to help develop the skills you need to be a successful student or expand on the ones you already have. You will be able to earn certificates and badges that show student achievement and represent accomplishments throughout a course.    

Determine & Assess Your Online Readiness to see if you are a good candidate for online education by going through this short Online Readiness Checklist. If you are considering enrolling in an online degree or certificate, we highly recommend you go through the SUNY Online Readiness Assessment and visit Determine & Assess Your Online Readiness to help you understand and determine your readiness.

When Do Online, Hybrid, Blended, or HyFlex Classes Begin?

All courses regardless of the instructional mode begin the same day as regular on-campus classes and follow the same academic schedule; however, you will have access to your course(s) in Brightspace 5 days prior to the start of each semester.  Important Note: The Brightspace course tiles will show a start date 5 days prior to the actual start of the class.  We do this to give you an opportunity to preview the course content.   This gives you extra time to become familiar with log-on procedures and an opportunity to preview the course content.   Take a moment to read the announcements, course syllabus, schedule,  and “Welcome-Getting Started” instructions posted by your instructor.  If you are unsure of when classes begin, check the college academic calendar on the main SUNY Niagara college website.  However, certain module courses begin at different times during the term. You should check your course schedule on Banner Web.

How to Access Online, Hybrid, Blended, or HyFlex Courses

All of these courses are presented through SUNY Niagara’s learning management system, Brightspace.  View the Getting Started section and FAQ section of our Online Learning web pages on the college website.

What are the Course Expectations?

Online students are required to log in to their online classes at least three times per week. You will be “attending class” each time you submit an assignment, participate in a discussion forum or post a question, but you can attend from your home, office, or anywhere in the world. Although you can work at your own pace and enjoy a good deal of flexibility, each online course has a definite timeline and weekly deadline. Plan on spending several hours per week for each online course (typically 3-4 hours of work per credit hour of the course-i.e. 9-12 hours for a 3-credit course) every week of the semester. View our Online Learning Time Management Calculator for Online Courses to estimate how much time you will need to succeed. Most online classes are highly interactive and will require your active participation.

Hybrid (blended) courses have reduced classroom time with a portion of instruction taking place online. Instructors of hybrid courses will provide you with the details for their particular course attendance during the first on campus class and in the course in Brightspace.

Just as in on-campus classes, students in online, hybrid, blended or hyflex courses are responsible for budgeting their time and meeting course requirements. Online students can expect a learning experience that is as effective as being with an instructor in a classroom.  Courses may incorporate web-based materials, textbooks, application software, simulations, and even learning activities offline, such as experiments or observations..

How to Register for an Online Learning Class

Students enrolled (matriculated) at SUNY Niagara follow the same procedures for registration as for on campus classes. Non-matriculated students can visit the SUNY Niagara Registration and Records page for enrollment instructions.

Financial Aid

All courses offered at SUNY Niagara fall within financial aid regulations for students enrolled in an academic program here at SUNY Niagara. For financial aid assistance, call 716-614-6266 or visit the SUNY Niagara Financial Aid webpage.


Final grades are accessed on Banner Web, the SUNY Niagara student information system. A link to Banner Web is located on the SUNY Niagara website under MYSUNY Niagara.

Technical Requirements/Internet Connectivity

You are required to have access to a broadband connection and a desktop or laptop computer/MAC, using a tablet or other mobile device may not have the functionality required for the course. You can use the Brightspace Mobile App to complete some of your coursework, however, in most cases, the app does not provide the full functionality needed to complete ALL of your required coursework. In addition, check with your professor to make sure your available equipment is acceptable for each course you are taking. Some technology-related courses require the ability to download software, for example, Chromebooks do not allow the software to be downloaded. Software like Microsoft Office Suite including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel may be required. As a student at SUNY Niagara, you have access to download Office 365 for FREE with your T-Wolves email address. To download or learn more about Office 365; log into Brightspace→MySUNY Niagara→click on Office 365 Pro (free). Some courses, like Public Speaking, will require a device to record yourself presenting speeches. A webcam or video camera is normally sufficient. If there are any other special technology requirements for your course, your instructor will inform you once you begin the course. Learn more about technical requirements and the use of mobile devices.  If you forgot your Brightspace/T-Wolves/Office 365 password contact the Office of Information Technology(OIT): at 716-210-2505 or visit the OIT webpage, check your browser compatibility, or if you need further assistance contact Online Learning at onlinelearning@niagaracc.suny.edu.

Contact Information

For more information about Online Learning @ SUNY Niagara, contact the Office of Online Learning at 716-614-6488, view our FAQ section on the college website, send an email to onlinelearning@niagaracc.suny.edu, or visit our Online Learning contact information