2024-2025 Student Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2024-2025 Student Catalog
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ENS 120 - Engineering Data & Applications

3 Cr.
Contact Hours Per Week: 3 Lec.

This is an introductory course for beginning engineering students.  Students will be introduced to the engineering professions, the design process, teamwork, the problem solving procedure, and aspects of professionalism including engineering ethics and communication.  Methods of reporting engineering and scientific data are reviewed as well as algebraic solutions of problems.  Topics also include unit conversion, dimensional analysis, vectors and basic vector operations along with Newton’s Laws of Motion, motion in one dimension, and motion in two-dimensions.  Students are also introduced to the use of Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets to analyze engineering problems.
Usually offered Fall semester
Pre-Requisites: MAT 111 or MAT 116 or MAT 120 that may be met concurrently
General Education: Meets SUNY requirement for Basic Communication - Oral (COMO)

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